Studio Policies


Danswest strives to provide a clean, safe, and nurturing environment where
a love for dance, movement, exercise, and artistic expression can grow and
thrive. To aid us in our mission, we ask that all students and parents adhere
to the following policies.


In order to be the best dancer you can be, you must dress the part. Proper attire doesn’t just make you feel like a dancer, it gives your instructor the ability to check your body placement and better assess proper technique. School/work clothes and footwear are NOT suitable dance attire. Please adhere to the dress code below. All listed items can be found at Danswest Danswear next to the studio!


 Each student is required to register prior to the first class. Registration is available online at A parent must sign the online liability waiver if the student is under the age of 18. The annual registration fee is $25 per student or $40 per family (2 or more enrolled students from same family at the same home address).


Tuition is due by the first class of the month and any payments after the 10 of the month should automatically include a $10 Late fee. Tuition is based on a monthly payment, (some months have less days and some months have more days) and in the long run over the year, it evens out. By registering, you are holding a spot in a class whether you are present or absent therefore tuition  cannot be pro-rated and there are no refunds  . ALL students have the option to make-up missed classes by coming and taking another class. Any NSF checks will be charged a $25 fee. You will  continue to be charged monthly tuition until we are personally notified via email/phone of your  termination of classes or at the normal end of session. We have an on line enrollment and payment system. It is preferable to enroll in auto pay and you will be billed via your credit card monthly.

Class Placement

Class placement is based upon the student’s previous experience. It is not uncommon to repeat a level for 1-3 years. Newer dancers with previous experience may be asked to participate in a class first so that technique may be evaluated, as dance studios differ in syllabus and requirements. The Director reserves the right to move dancers accordingly for the best interest of each student.

trial classes

You may try a class for $16.00. There are no free trial classes; however, a parent may observe a class at no charge. An appointment can be made with the instructor.


Class schedules

The schedule is based on anticipated enrollment and may change at any time. Please call prior to attending class for the first time for verification. Class schedules are available on the website and at the studio. Should for any reason only ONE student arrive for class on any given day, that student will be given a 30 minute private class. If only 2 students are in attendance, a 45- minute class will be given. Teachers are also subject to change as they are all working professionals in the dance industry and have performances and rehearsals of their own from time to time.



Dance is a discipline unto its own and requires regular attendance to see improvement. Being on time for class generally means to be at the studio 10 minutes prior to your class’ start time. Be dressed in the correct attire for that class. A student who is more than 15 minutes Late will not be allowed to take the class because they will have missed the warm up session, which is important to prevent injury. In this case, the dancer will sit and observe the class.

Make-up lessons / missed classes

Please call if your child must miss a class. Your instructor will be happy to give you a make-up time. This make-up class must be taken within two (2) weeks of the missed class. There are no carry-overs, refunds or pro-rated fees due to missed classes because of illness or other attendance problems. Any class cancelled by the studio will be rescheduled. A doctor’s release is required for an injured dancer to return to class. This applies to non-dance related injuries as well. The studio reserves the right to drop a dancer from a class or routine due to  excessive tardiness or absenteeism.

Picking up / dropping off students

Parents, please deliver and pick up students on time. We will not watch your child if he/she arrives early, nor will we stay at the studio following the Last class. For safety reasons, we ask that students do not leave the building and wait outside. Danswest is not responsible for students who leave the premises for any reason.

class observation

We do not permit regular parent observation of any class.  Dancers learn the best in an environment free from distractions. All students need to be focused on the instructor, not the parent. Exceptions, with the approval of the teacher, are made for preschool dancers who need additional time to feel comfortable and secure in class. However, we will often leave the window or door open so that parents may view the class.  At the end of class, you may be invited in to watch a combo or routine the class had been working on that day. 

pictures and videotaping

For security and safety reasons, we do not allow videotaping or photos of any class unless approved by the instructor. Pictures are allowed only before and after classes, with the instructor’s and other parents’ permission.

class behavior

Be polite, courteous and respectful of instructors, classmates, and other parents at all times. Disruptive behavior, misuse of studio property, playing with stereo equipment or other props, willful destruction of any studio property, verbal abuse, inappropriate language, physical abuse of anyone on the property, and any other behavior deemed unfit for the studio environment will result in removal of the student from class or the studio entirely. If a dancer is disruptive/talkative and repeatedly asked to refocus, he/she may be asked to leave the classroom and wait in the lobby until the end of class.

lobby etiquette

Our spacious lobby is always open to family and friends. We offer free wifi for Danswest customers and signs will be posted with the password! As a courtesy, please treat the space with respect. If you spill something, clean it up! If you move the chairs, please put them back where you found them. Young dancers and siblings are welcome but please note that this space is not a playground; Running and yelling will not be tolerated. Please help us keep this space clean and inviting for all!

Ballet/tap combo

Girls:  Leotard/skirt sets (any color), tights, ballet and tap shoes. No giant tutus. Hair in a bun or up away from face. NO JEWELRY except small earrings.

Boys: Form-fitting solid colored shirt and shorts, socks, black ballet and tap shoes.

Hip hop / tumble combo

Girls:  Leotard, footless tights (or no tights), shorts, and sneakers. No skirts. Hair must be in pigtails or ponytail. NO HAIR ACCESSORIES! They either fall out or hurt their heads when they tumble! NO JEWELRY except small earrings.

Boys: Form-fitting shirt and shorts or pants, sneakers.


Girls: Leotard (any SOLID color), pink tights, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. Full-sole for 5-7 year olds Split -sole for 8+. HAIR IN A NEAT BUN. No undergarments need to be worn under leotards or tights.

Guys: Form-fitting solid-colored athletic shirt or leotard with men’s tights or shorts that come above the knee, black ballet shoes. Dance belt.


Form-fitting attire, ankles must be visible. No baggy dancewear. Tap shoes.


jazz / lyrical / contemporary/ musical theatre

Form-fitting attire, including tights, leotard, bike shorts, jazz shoes. No school clothes. Hair must be up and out of face.



Leotard and tights or shorts and athletic top. Black preferred. Class is
performed barefoot (but bring socks). Hair must be in a bun or up and out of face.

Hip Hop

Leggings, sweats, dance shorts, and solid-colored Ts or Tanks are all
acceptable attire. CLEAN street sneakers (shoes you only wear inside for dance class) or dance sneakers (available at Danswest Danswear). No skirts, jeans , sandals, or jewelry.


Leotard with bike shorts/capris/Leggings. Solid-colored form-fitting T or tank for boys with shorts. Class is performed barefoot. Hair up and out of face. NO HAIR ACCESSORIES or JEWELRY.