Spring is Here!

Are you ready to have some fun?

When Can I start?
While it is best to enroll at the beginning of the session, you may  join at any time as long as there is space available in the class.
How DO I enroll?
You can register, enroll and pay for classes at If you have any questions, please call the studio at 721-9477. Click HERE to register now
How many times a week should i take a class?
Our students take anywhere from 1 hour a week to over 8 hours a week of dance.  It really depends on your own personal goals.  We recommend taking at least twice a week if you can, as each dance class can be linked to the other in some way.  For example, if you want to take a Jazz class, consider taking a supporting Ballet class to help further develop you technical foundation.  If you want to take Hip Hop, Jazz is a nice compliment to it.  If you want further guidance on classes, just give us a call! We will be happy to help.

If you are enrolling a preschool age student for the first time, we suggest starting with one hour per week.  Many students take twice a week, but start with one to make sure they are going to like it! (We know they will though.

Will there be a recital?

Yes! At the end of the Spring Session, any dancer registered by February can perform in our Annual Spring Recital.  Our recitals are always the first Saturday in June.

Holidays for 2017 2018

Labor Day (September 4)

Halloween (October 31)

Thanksgiving (November 23 – 26)

Christmas / New Year’s Week (Dec 24 – Jan 8)

Rodeo Days (Feb 22 – 25)

Memorial Day (May 28)

Independence Day (July 4)